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I heard knocking on the door. I rushed up the stairs and straightened myself out. I saw a dark figure behind the glass door, I opened it and he walked in. The first thing I noticed were his light green eyes staring right into mine. He stood still for a minute then started walking down the stairs. He was tall with curly dark hair and a beard. He was very good looking and wearing a stylish suit.

I followed him downstairs and lead him into the bedroom, he walked over to the table and put down an envelope, “That’s for you’ I smiled , ‘Thanks’. He took off his jacket and shoes. I could tell almost instantly that he was very dominant and I liked that. He didn’t say anything, just looked me up and down and told me to come sit next to him on the bed. I watched as he slowly took off his cufflinks and watch and placed them on the nightstand.

He was different to my other clients, he didn’t say much, and didn’t show much emotion either so I couldn’t work him out. He looked up at me and said he wanted to meet me for a long time.

Before I had the chance to speak he reached in and kissed me, pulling on the back of my hair and kissing me harder. I feel his tongue inside my mouth as he grabs both my tits, squeezing down on my nipples. He started being rough with me which turned me on. I felt him move his hand under my dress, in between my legs and rub me hard. ‘You’re so wet’ He said.

I felt a bit embarrassed, I looked down and saw how hard he was through his trousers. He catches me looking and said he wanted me so badly.

I couldn’t wait any longer, he was turning me on so much. I start undoing his shirt buttons. He starts pulling up the back of my dress and grabs my ass with both hands squeezing me. He kisses me again then takes his shirt off. I stand up and he watches me slowly take my dress off.

He seems impatient, he grabs me by the waist and throws me onto the bed. He gets on top of me and I reach down and feel him, he’s rock hard. He kisses me again, passionately, swirling his tongue in my mouth. He grabs my breasts, pinching my nipples again. He starts licking them, then sucking them, looking up at me as he does it. I start moaning and biting my lip.

He looks into my eyes and says ‘You like that?’ I moan again and reply ‘Yes!'

I start unzipping his trousers. He rushes to take them off and leaves them by the side of the bed.

He lies on the bed so I get on top of him and start slowly kissing down his chest all the way to the top of his boxers. I pinch at the elastic band with my nails and gently start pulling his boxers down whilst looking up at him, smiling cheekily looking straight into his eyes. I pull his hard cock out and he watches me put it in my mouth. He starts to moan as I lick it from the base to the tip over and over again then put it back into my mouth.

He quickly sits up and gently strokes my hair telling me to ‘come here’. I shake my head at him. I move my head further down and start licking his balls. He lies back and lets out another moan.

I keep licking him and watch as he closes his eyes and tilts his head back. I don’t stop. I like turning him on too much and watching him squirm. I move my tongue up slowly licking the whole way up his shaft. He watches me lick up and down and I curl my hand around the base and start sucking on the tip. I move my hand up and down his cock and suck on his cock. He tells me he’s going to cum but I don’t stop. I keep sucking his cock and hear him moaning louder and louder. ‘Oh god I’m going to cum’ he says. He puts one hand on my head and holds me down and I feel his cum hit the back of my throat.

‘Fuck! That was good’ he says, panting. ‘You taste good’, I reply. I get up and lie down next to him. He lies there for a minute, his cock is still hard. We talk for a while then he gets up and goes to the bathroom. He comes back and crawls into bed, opens up my legs and pulls me further down the bed. He puts his tongue in my pussy and I lean back and moan. I watch him slide his tongue in and out and he looks into my eyes. He licks my clit harder and harder and I feel like I’m going to cum. He keeps licking me and I moan louder and louder. He slides a finger inside me and licks my clit at the same time. The I feel him put in another finger and he starts caressing the inside of me. It feels so good. I keep thinking about how I want his cock inside me so badly. He keeps fingering me and licking me at the same time. It feels so good. I grab both my breasts and pinch down on my nipples. I feel my whole body tense up. He fingers me harder and faster and I cum. He takes his fingers out and puts them in my mouth. He watches me suck on his fingers. His beady eyes staring back at me. He licks me again and says I taste so good.

Can feel a wet patch on the bed sheet under me so I move up the bed.

Without saying anything he climbs on top of me, pushes my legs apart and holds one of my arms down and slides his cock inside of me. I let out a huge moan. His huge cock fills me up and feels so good inside me. He holds both my arms down and fucks me harder. I wrap my legs around him, pulling him in closer and feel his cock go deeper inside me. He kisses me and I can taste my cum. He fucks me harder and harder holding my wrists down on the bed. I moan into his ear as he fucks me harder and faster. I can feel I’m about to cum again. I keep moaning. ‘Does that feel good?’ He says. ‘Yes’ I reply. He looks into my eyes and puts one hand on my throat and presses down, squeezing around my little neck. I gasp for air, he squeezes tighter. ‘You like that?’ He says. I can’t speak so I nod. He grabs my legs and puts them over his shoulders. I feel his cock go in deeper. He continues choking me and fucking me harder. I can feel that I’m going to cum.

He kisses me again. His cock feels so good. I grab hold of the bed sheets with both hands and close my eyes. He tells me he’s going to cum. He fucks me harder and faster and I cum again. My pussy clenches up and he cums inside me. He lets out a loud moan and I feel his grip loosen around my neck.

A regular client of mine asked me to meet him at a restaurant at a members club.

I wore a short black dress and heels with black lace lingerie underneath. He asked me to bring my clit vibrator and said he had something planned for us that night. I wore a black dress and matching lace lingerie underneath and heels.

I met him at the bar and he took me over to the restaurant. He was handsome and wearing a dark suit. There were couples dining. The waitress took us over to a private booth in the corner. I sat down next to him and made small talk. He ordered some champagne for us. He got out his laptop and started showing me his work, then I felt his hand on my thigh. He smiled at me cheekily. I smiled back. The waitress came back with champagne. He moved his hand off my thigh. He poured me a drink and said he wanted to have some fun. He asked me where my vibrator was. I said it's in my handbag. He told me to get it out. I was a little shocked and nervous. I had never done anything like this in public before.

He placed the laptop on the table and pretended to flick through his work presentation so no one would be suspicious. He asked me to get out my clit vibrator and place it in between my legs. I looked around and the restaurant was busy and I thought someone would see and hear it.

He told me he wanted to watch me cum but told me to be quiet.

He kept insisting so I turned the vibrator on and did what he said. I put it on my knickers right on my clit and held it in between my thighs for as long as I could, letting out little moans as the vibrations got stronger and stronger. He watched me and I could see his hard cock through his trousers. He told me I couldn't cum yet and told me to keep it there. I liked how dominant and bossy he was. It turned me on.

The waitress kept coming over asking if we wanted to order food.

I couldn't concentrate or speak so he ordered food for us and she left.

He told me to keep holding the vibrator on my clit and I was about to cum.

He kept talking dirty to me saying I was really turning him on. I put my hand on his cock and felt him get harder. I kept stroking it up and down making him moan. He got embarrassed and moved my hand away. I looked around the restaurant and could see people looking over at us.

The waitress came back with our food and I tried not to make any eye contact. I moved so that my back was facing the rest of the people in the restaurant.

I told him I couldn't hold it any longer. He then gave me permission to cum. I clung onto the table and I came so hard and I could feel that my knickers were soaking wet. I'm pretty sure the other waiters heard our conversation. I quickly turned the vibrator off and hid it in my handbag, He leaned in and whispered that he wanted to taste me. He told me I was a good girl, which turned me on. I could see that his cock was still rock hard and he tried to hide it by crossing his legs.

It was only then that I realised there was food on the table. He had ordered some bites for us, prawns, fried sea-bass, scallops, calamari and some salad. The waitress came back asking if the food was ok. 'Yes it's delicious, thanks'. She smiled, quickly turned around and left. We both finished our food and he put his laptop away.

He told me to finish my drink and asked me to follow him downstairs. I asked him where we were going. He held my hand and led me into the toilets. It was a big room with mirrors and no one was inside.

He grabbed both my tits, slipped them out of my dress and sucked on them. He pushed me against the wall in front of the mirror and started pulling up my dress and pulling off my knickers. He took my knickers off and started fingering my wet pussy with two fingers and spreading it open. He got down on his knees and started licking me from behind. I watched him in the mirror. My lace knickers were around my ankles. He told me to stay still.

I heard him undoing his belt and watched him in the mirror. I felt him enter me, he fucked me so hard and pulled my hair back. He grabbed my tits when he was fucking me, telling me how hot I am. I kept moaning. For a second I forgot where we were and anyone could walk in any minute. Both my hands were on the mirror, my face pressed against it. He fucked me harder and harder against the mirror.

I could hear people talking outside. He whispered in my ear that he wanted me to cum on his cock, so I did. He said ‘good girl’ and carried on fucking me harder and faster until he came.

Everyone outside must have heard us but he didn't care and it turned me on.

The agency text me saying a new client wants to meet me at a hotel but he wants to meet me at the bar for a drink first. She sent me another message saying he’s wearing a black and red shirt.

I was nervous but excited to meet him. I showered, dried myself off, dried my hair and did my make up in the mirror. I straightened my hair perfectly and applied some more lipstick. Perfect. I put on some black lace lingerie and put some stockings in my handbag, condoms, perfume and make up. It was cold so I wore tights, a wrap dress, coat and heels.

I get a taxi to the hotel and text the agency that I’ve arrived. I meet him at the bar and he’s sitting in the corner of the dimly lit room. I spot his black and red shirt and walk over. He’s wearing dark blue jeans with black shoes. He looks up, smiles and says ‘God you’re beautiful’ and kisses me. He has a lustrous look in his eyes. I sit down next to him and say ‘thank you’. I noticed that he’s already ordered himself a drink and some nibbles. He’s handsome, well dressed, dark hair and in his forties. I sometimes get nervous around good looking men so I start playing with my hair. He notices. He soon puts me at ease. He orders me a drink and watches me take a sip. ‘So how are you?’ I clutch onto the glass and take another sip, look at him and say ‘Good, thanks and you?’. He tells me he’s visiting London and is from America. I find American accents really sexy so I’m instantly attracted to him. I tell him I love his accent and he tells me he loves my British accent.

I can tell he’s scanning my body with his eyes and he tells me to move in closer. I look over and the waiters are behind the bar but they keep looking over. I look into the client’s eyes and put my hand on his thigh and watch his face light up. He grins at me and says ‘You’re so sexy’. He tells me I’m the hottest girls he’s met and he’s glad he found the agency. He tells me he’s American but half German half Italian. I tell him my mother is from Italian too. I found him to be one of the sexiest clients I’ve had and I could see how big his arms were bulging out from his t-shirt and I wanted to fuck him so badly. He kept looking at me with his deep brown eyes and started stroking my inner thigh under the table. I started to get wet.

We shared some of the food and soon finished our drinks then he went to the bar to pay. I watched him from across the room for a minute or so then he came back. ‘Ready?’ He said. I smiled. ‘Yes’. I grabbed my coat and bag and followed him out of the bar. We walked into the empty lift together. I could feel my heart racing. I started feeling a little nervous. I kissed him in the lift and he said I really turn him on. Then I reached down and started stroking his cock and it was already hard. The doors opened and it was his floor. I followed him to the room. He swiped the key card and as soon as it beeped I started getting wetter. We walked in, the door shut behind me.

I told him how I loved his big arms and he took his shirt off and he was perfectly sculpted. His abs were rock hard and so was his big cock. I could feel it though his jeans. He kissed me again and I undid his dark blue jeans. He tugged on the bottom of my dress and told me to take it off. He sat down on the sofa and watched me slowly unzip my dress and it dropped to my feet. I stood in front of him and he reaches out and grabs my ass with both hands and spanks me gently. ‘You have such a nice ass’. I giggle and he spanks me again. He pulls me closer to him so I sit on top of him and straddle him. I rub my pussy on his cock and he pulls his jeans down revealing his rock hard cock poking out from the top of his grey boxers. I was so turned on I wanted him inside me. He kissed me passionately and swirled his tongue around in my mouth, making me wetter and wetter. He moved my panties to the side and slipped his fingers inside me and said ‘God you’re so wet.’ I said ‘You turn me on’. His fingers felt so good in my pussy.

He smiled and continued fingering me and watched me tilt my head back and moan. I grabbed his arms with both hands, felt how big his muscles were which turned me on even more. He started fingering me harder and faster and kissed me. I got so turned on that I started riding up and down on his fingers. He kept fingering me as I dug my nails into his arms and bit his lip and I came.

He picked me up and moved me onto the sofa. He got up and took his jeans and boxers off. I watched as his big cock bounced out of his boxers. I found this to be extremely sexy. He slips the bra straps off my shoulders and looks into my eyes. I reach back, undo my bra and take it off half flinging it across the room. He grabs my knickers and pulls them off me. He gets down on his knees and starts licking my clit as hard as he can and this makes me squirm and moan so loud. He does’t stop. He grabs my tits at the same time and pinches my nipples slightly. I watch him lick my cum and he tells me I taste so good. He smirks and carries on. I stroke his hair and watch him, I bite down on my finger and I cum again.

He starts stroking his cock and asks me to suck it. I tell him to sit down and get down on my knees and I crawl over to him. I pull back the foreskin and start sucking the tip. I twirl my tongue around the tip of his penis. He starts moaning. I find guys who moan are so sexy. I suck it harder. I lick his balls and suck on them gently. He moans even louder. I lick from his balls to the tip again and slowly put the whole of his cock into my mouth until it reaches the back of my throat. He lies back and watches eagerly as I continue sucking his cock. I grab his penis with my right hand and stroke it up and down whilst sucking his cock harder and faster. He tells me he’s about to cum. He keeps moaning loudly and breathing faster. I want him to cum in my mouth but he tells me to stop.

He tells me to get a condom. I rummage through my bag and find one, quickly rip it out and put one on him. He lays me down on the sofa, gets on top of me and slides his cock into me. Its so big that I gasp and let out a moan. I watch him slide it in and out and feel him pushing it in deeper. I kiss him passionately. He starts by fucking me slowly holding my hands down above my head. I wrapped my legs around him and pull him in deeper. I grab on to his shoulders and moan into his ear. He fucks me harder and says ‘Do you like that?’ I grab the back of his head, look into his eyes and say ‘Yes keep going’. He kisses me and fucks me harder and harder until I cum again.

He pulls out and says ‘what do you want?’ I look around the room and say ‘let’s fuck on the table’. There was a large dark wooden table conveniently in front of the big window and the curtains were open. He seemed hesitant at first and said people could probably see us through the windows. I moved the chair out of the way and sat on the table. He stood in front of me, in between my legs. I watched as he spread open my legs then grabbed my hips and pulled me closer. His cock was still rock hard. He scooched me down and guided himself into me. He started fucking me hard again whilst holding eye contact. I rubbed my clit whilst he fucked me and he watched, which turned him on even more. I was soaking wet.

He fucked me harder and started grunting with every thrust and I could see him starting to sweat. He grabbed onto both my thighs and lifted them up and carried on fucking me in this position. It was uncomfortable on the table but I found the idea of someone might be watching us too much of a turn on to stop. I held onto the side of the table. He told me he was going to cum. I put both elbows down on the table behind me and watched his cock sliding in and out of me. I leaned back and laid back on the table. I could feel my tits bouncing and his hips slamming into me. I reached out put my hand on the window. He held onto my hips and pulled my body down onto his cock and fucked me harder and faster and I came again. He must have felt my pussy clench up on his cock because he let out a loud moan and came almost immediately after.

His chest, head and arms were covered in sweat. He took the condom off and went to the bathroom for a minute to clean up. I could hear him having a shower so I poured myself a glass of water from the mini bar. I took a few sips and then sat on the immaculate king size bed. I forgot to check the time so I got my handbag and checked my phone. One hour still to go I thought and put my phone back on the bedside table. He came out of the bathroom in a wet towel wrapped around his waist. His chest hair covered in water drops. He took the towel off and wiped his head and looked up at me and smiled. ‘What should we do now?’ I said.

He continued scrubbing his head. I watched and examined every inch of his body. I couldn’t fault it. His body was perfectly toned. He had big muscular arms, huge thighs and nice thick beautiful cock. He caught me looking at him.

He put the towel back in the bathroom and I sat and watched his perfectly toned ass walk out of the room then back again. He walked over to the bed and said ‘Are you ready for more?’ I laughed and said ‘Already?’ He smelt like soap. I stroked his chest and his skin was soft. I felt his chest hair running though my fingers. Secretly I was dying for more. Of course I wanted more, he was so attractive and had already made me cum three times. I was addicted. I wiped the water droplets off of his lips and kissed him. He slid his tongue into my mouth and caressed my tongue with his. He pushed me back into the cool silky bedsheets and held his hand over my throat as he kissed me. He looked into my eyes and squeezed down on my neck. I started to get wet again, feeling his big hand choking me. I reached out and grabbed his cock with my hand. I was struggling to move because he was holding my neck firmly down into the bed. I wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked it whilst looking into his eyes. I felt it growing harder in my hand with every stroke. ‘You like that?’ He said, staring back at me with his deep brown eyes. I couldn’t speak so I nodded and he tightened his grip around my throat. He moved his other hand down and put his fingers inside me. He started teasing me by fingering me slowly. I licked my lips and got so turned on. His cock was rock hard again. I jerked him off whilst he fingered me. I wanted him inside me so badly. He took his fingers out and put them in my mouth and made me taste it. I sucked on his fingers and watched his face light up again. He got up and put his cock into my mouth and made me suck it. He dick was so big I could only fit the tip in at first. Then I moved my head into a better position to suck on it. I heard him moaning when I put the whole of his cock into my mouth. He held the back of my head and grabbed my hair and pulled my head down, making me swallow the whole of his cock down my throat. He took it out and it was covered in my saliva.

I sat up and wrapped both my hands on his cock and continued sucking it. He told me to stop as he was going to cum. He looked around and told me to get another condom, so I did. He hurried to put it on. He told me to lie back on the bed. I did what he instructed and laid there with my legs open, watching him put the condom on. He pushed my legs apart and slid his cock into me. He picked up both my legs and lifted them up over his shoulders and I felt his cock go in deeper and he fucked me hard. He bent down to kiss me whilst he fucked me then grabbed my throat again and pressed down hard. I felt his huge cock sliding in and out of me and started rubbing my clit again. He looked into my eyes and choked me so hard that I was struggling to breathe. I let out a moan and felt myself about to come. He said I was so tight. Which turned me on even more. I put my hand over his, squeezing down on my throat, indicating that I wanted him to keep choking me. I closed my eyes and kept moaning. He fucked me harder and harder and I rubbed my clit at the same time. I came again. Hard. I let out a huge moan and opened my eyes again.

He said he wanted to fuck me from behind. He flipped me over to my front and pulled my hips up so my ass was in the air. He pushed my head down into the pillow. I arched my back and moved my hair out of my face so I could see. I felt him put his cock back inside me, he grabbed my ass cheeks and spanked me so hard it hurt. My face was pressed against the pillow. He spanked my ass again and it was starting to sting. I reached back and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart which allowed his cock to go deeper inside me. He watched and moaned and kept fucking me hard. I felt him stroke my asshole with a damp finger. He rubbed it and it felt so good.

I moved my hand down underneath me and rubbed my clit again as he fucked me. I felt him fuck me even harder. Then I heard him groan so loud and he came.

We laid there naked on the sheets both in a sweaty mess, breathing heavily with our legs intertwined. He told me he loved fucking me and that I was addictive which was bad for him. I laughed. ‘Thanks’ I said. ‘You can always see me again’. He said he had to go back to America and was only in London for a few days. ‘Thats a shame’ I said. The sex was so good and he was so attractive I contemplated giving him my phone number, but I knew I couldn’t.

I sat up and gulped some more much needed refreshing cool water. I straightened myself out, grabbed my bag, walked to the bathroom to sort out my hair and makeup. I knew I probably looked a mess. I always get big sex hair after a good fuck. I ip toed around the small puddles or water on the bathroom tiles and stood in front of the mirror. The mirror was steamed up so I wiped the moisture off with a towel and saw that my eyeliner was smudged around my eyes. I fixed my face and came back into the bedroom. He was lying on the bed still naked staring up at the ceiling in a daze. He said ‘you know, I can’t remember the last time I had sex that good.’ I smiled, walked over and kissed him then whispered ‘me neither.’

I checked my phone, time was nearly up. I gathered my belongings and walked to the door. He quickly put on his boxers and said ‘thanks for coming, it was lovely meeting you.’ I said ‘thank you for seeing me, it was fun’. I kissed him goodbye. He told me how beautiful I was and handed me a wad of cash. He told me he wanted to pay extra for my taxi home. I thanked him and he opened the door to let me out.

I booked a taxi and waited in the hotel lobby. I text the agency saying I’ve left the client and that he was lovely. I sat there peacefully and watched as more and more handsome men walked in and out, wearing smart suits, holding briefcases and dragging along suitcases. Some were drenched from the rain and flicking water off their umbrellas. I sat there nervously thinking do they know I’m an escort? Some glanced up at me as they were checking into the hotel. The hotel staff pretended not to notice me sitting there for quite a while. I felt a bit awkward. More people walked in. I pretended to be on my phone. A couple walked in and stood by the reception desk. The man had his arms around her, they laughed she kissed him on the mouth. As he turned his head and put their passports on the counter he spotted me. He glanced for a minute before she turned around.

I got an alert on my phone saying my taxi had arrived so I got up and left. I felt eyes on me as I walked down the hall and out of the building. It was raining so I hurried into the back of the taxi. The taxi smelt of a tree air freshener scent. I sunk into the back of the seat and thought about the client’s perfectly sculpted body. I calmly put on my seatbelt and listened to the song playing on the radio.

I looked out the window. It was raining so much that I could barely see. The colours were dancing through the raindrops on the glass.

The agency text me back ‘thank you’.

I never did see him again.

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