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Do's and Don'ts for clients


Please do not ask me for my real name, where I live, where my parents live, which University I went to, etc.

Please do not ask me what is the worst thing that has ever happened to me at work.

Do not ask me for bareback (sex without a condom). I will not meet you. If you push boundaries during a booking or make me uncomfortable I will report you.

If you cancel a booking last minute and do not pay me a cancellation fee then I will not meet you again. Please do not waste my time.

If you make a booking with me and do not turn up or ghost me I will report you for being a time waster.

Do not contact me if you do not want to provide screening information. I will ignore you.

Do not make jokes about harming me in any way. I've had guys emailing me and saying similar things to other providers, for example. 'I'm a normal guy, I'm not a murderer' - I will not meet you.

I do not negotiate rates. Do not ask me to lower my rates I will block you.

Please do not contact me though Adultwork, I do not use it. I kept my account so that you can check my feedback.

Please only contact me through my website using the contact / booking form or email me.

If you do not wish to use the contact form then please email me your ID and Linkedin profile. Please send me the contact details for the other companions you have met in the last 6 months.

If you do not send me your screening information in the first few emails I will not respond.

If I have to keep asking you for your screening information and you do not send it then I will meet someone else.

Please understand that I get a lot of emails and I am not your pen pal. If you want to chat to me then please either join my Onlyfans and message me on there or pay me for my time. I am not a free sexting service.

I will not respond to long copy and pasted emails.

I do not do free dates. I will not meet you to hang out. Please respect my time and pay for my companionship.

Do not send me long sexual emails. I will not respond.

Do not contact me if you are unsure if you want to meet me or if you are planning to choose between meeting me and another companion.

Please do not email me saying you want to be a regular client when we have not met.

Do not email me saying you want to be my sugar daddy or financially support me when we have not met. I will assume you are a time waster and will not respond. If you are serious about it then please send me your screening information.

Do not ask me for photos prior to meeting. I use onlyfans, you can pay for my content.

If you pester me for free content I will block you.

If you waste my time or cancel a booking and tell me you are meeting someone else I will block you.


Please read everything on my website and only contact me if you are 100 % sure you want to meet me. I do not appreciate any rude behaviour or time wasters.

I only meeting clients who send me a deposit.

Please ask before sending me a deposit and confirm the booking the day before we meet.

Please also confirm on the day we are meeting.

For outcalls I do ask clients to please pay for my travel.

For incalls please be respectful at all times.

Please check that you have the correct amount of cash with you. My rates are on my website.

If you are new to this and have no feedback from other companions then you will need to send me your ID, Linkedin and a deposit.

If you need to cancel our date please email me letting me know.

Please let me know if you want me to bring any specific lingerie or outfits or bring sex toys.

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