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Duo with Rachel

Rachel and I get a black cab to the Hotel. We nervously check in and head up to the room.

We lay our lingerie out on the bed and decide what to wear. Rachel picks out some Agent Provocateur black lace lingerie and stockings. I have the matching set.

We both enter the bathroom and start getting changed into our lingerie. We do our make up in the mirror. I can't help but notice Rachel's perfect peachy ass. I help her put on her stockings and attach it to the garter belt. She watches me in the mirror.

I tell her she has a nice ass and spank it a little. She giggles. 'Thanks, so do you'.

I put on my stockings and heels and put on some lipstick. Rachel sprays on some perfume and sprays some on my chest. She brushes my hair out of my face and says 'don't be nervous' and leans in to kiss me. She kisses me and she tastes like strawberries.

The client texts us saying he's almost at the Hotel. We're both excited to meet him.

We put some music on the TV and both lie on the bed. Rachel texts him the room number and he replies saying he's heading up to the room.

We're both excited to see him. We get up and straighten ourselves out.

We both put our heels on and sit on the bed and wait.

We hear a knock on the door. 'He's here' she says.

We both get up and walk over to the door. Rachel opens the door. He steps inside.

He's tall and handsome, wearing a big grin on his face.

He greats us with champagne and red roses. He kisses us both on the cheek.

He opens his briefcase and hands us both a white envelope of cash and a gift.

We both thank him and open the present. It's a bottle of Chanel perfume.

He tells us he's going to freshen up and shower. Rachel and I both sit on the bed and watch him undress. He takes off his suit jacket and places it over the back of the chair. He takes off both his shoes and socks. Rachel and I both look at each other. Rachel has a cheeky look in her eye.

The client continues undressing and heads into the shower.

I get up and pour us all a glass of champagne.

I grab a red rose from the bouquet and tear a head off and sprinkle the red rose petals all over the white bed sheets. Rachel lies back on the bed. I climb back on the bed and lie down next to her. We both look at each other and start giggling as we can hear the client singing in the shower. He comes out of the bathroom dripping wet, wearing only a towel around his waist.

He has big arms and toned abs. He's tall and tanned with dark hair, just what I like.

He slowly walks over to the bed. We all pick up a glass of champagne and cheers. We all take a sip and I look into his eyes. His face lights up and he looks at Rachel and licks his lips.

I know that he wants us. We're all so turned on.

He climbs onto the bed and I grab hold of his towel and take it off revealing his rock hard cock.

Rachel leans in and kisses him as I slowly rub my hand over his cock and balls, massaging them. I start to jerk him off and he lets out a small moan.

I bend down and start licking his shaft slowly and swirling my tongue on the tip of his cock, then I put it in my mouth. I start sucking on it slowly. He turns and looks at me and watches me take the whole of his cock in my mouth, down my throat and I start to gag on it. I keep sucking up and down on his cock and jerking him off with one hand. He starts moaning louder and watches me. Rachel puts both hands on his chest and kisses him again.

He pulls away and tells me he's going to cum. My spit drips down his cock and down his balls.

He tells me to get up and onto the bed. I like that he's dominant.

He asks Rachel and I to kiss. I crawl over to her on the bed. She looks into my eyes and smiles. We both close our eyes and lean in and kiss. I feel her grab hold of me and move her hands over my chest and squeeze both my breasts. She kisses me passionately, swirling her tongue in my mouth. The client watches patiently. I feel him brush his hand on my thigh and down onto my panties. He rubs his hand over my pussy and I start to get wet.

I open my eyes and see him touching both of us at the same time. Rachel starts letting out moans and looks at me. The client rubs me harder and faster and puts on hand on the back of my head and pulls me in closer. He kisses me hard. I feel his fingers slide inside me.

He starts fingering me and whispers in my ear 'You're soaking wet'.

Rachel moves behind me on the bed and undoes my bra and takes it off exposing my hard nipples. She starts sucking on them, looking up at me as she does it.

The client keeps fingering me at the same time and pulls off my panties. He gets down and pushes my legs apart and starts licking my pussy. He starts gently licking it up and down then starts licking my clit harder and faster and I can feel myself about to cum. He puts his fingers inside me and keeps licking my clit.

I grab hold of the bed sheets and feel myself about to cum hard. Rachel watches and starts massaging my breasts again, and licking my hard nipples and I feel myself cum so hard.

The client takes his fingers out of my pussy and puts them in my mouth. I suck my cum off of his fingers and he says 'Good girl'.

He looks over at Rachel and kisses her again and takes off her panties. Rachel takes off her bra and lies down on the bed. The client climbs on top of her and tells me to go down on her.

The client sits back on the bed and takes another sip of champagne and watches us.

I move my hair out of my face and start kissing Rachel's breasts, then licking her nipples, then I start kissing her perfectly toned stomach down to her pussy. It's already wet and tastes so sweet.

She starts moaning as I put my tongue in her pussy and lick her clit as hard as I can.

She moans louder and louder and the client starts to jerk himself off. I keep going and Rachel cums in my mouth.

The client tells Rachel to suck his cock so I watch.

I drink some champagne and watch her take the whole of his cock in her mouth. I brush her hair out of her face and start rubbing his balls with one hand.

He tells us to get a condom so we put one on him. He tells us both to get on all fours on the bed and bend over. He gets behind us and starts rubbing both out pussies at the same time.

to be continued...

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