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Erotica - Choke

I heard knocking on the door. I rushed up the stairs and straightened myself out. I saw a dark figure behind the glass door, I opened it and he walked in. The first thing I noticed were his light green eyes staring right into mine. He stood still for a minute then started walking down the stairs. He was tall with curly dark hair and a beard. He was very good looking and wearing a stylish suit.

I followed him downstairs and lead him into the bedroom, he walked over to the table and put down an envelope, “That’s for you’ I smiled , ‘Thanks’. He took off his jacket and shoes. I could tell almost instantly that he was very dominant and I liked that. He didn’t say anything, just looked me up and down and told me to come sit next to him on the bed. I watched as he slowly took off his cufflinks and watch and placed them on the nightstand.

He was different to my other clients, he didn’t say much, and didn’t show much emotion either so I couldn’t work him out. He looked up at me and said he wanted to meet me for a long time.

Before I had the chance to speak he reached in and kissed me, pulling on the back of my hair and kissing me harder. I feel his tongue inside my mouth as he grabs both my tits, squeezing down on my nipples. He started being rough with me which turned me on. I felt him move his hand under my dress, in between my legs and rub me hard. ‘You’re so wet’ He said.

I felt a bit embarrassed, I looked down and saw how hard he was through his trousers. He catches me looking and said he wanted me so badly.

I couldn’t wait any longer, he was turning me on so much. I start undoing his shirt buttons. He starts pulling up the back of my dress and grabs my ass with both hands squeezing me. He kisses me again then takes his shirt off. I stand up and he watches me slowly take my dress off.

He seems impatient, he grabs me by the waist and throws me onto the bed. He gets on top of me and I reach down and feel him, he’s rock hard. He kisses me again, passionately, swirling his tongue in my mouth. He grabs my breasts, pinching my nipples again. He starts licking them, then sucking them, looking up at me as he does it. I start moaning and biting my lip.

He looks into my eyes and says ‘You like that?’ I moan again and reply ‘Yes!'

I start unzipping his trousers. He rushes to take them off and leaves them by the side of the bed.

He lies on the bed so I get on top of him and start slowly kissing down his chest all the way to the top of his boxers. I pinch at the elastic band with my nails and gently start pulling his boxers down whilst looking up at him, smiling cheekily looking straight into his eyes. I pull his hard cock out and he watches me put it in my mouth. He starts to moan as I lick it from the base to the tip over and over again then put it back into my mouth.

He quickly sits up and gently strokes my hair telling me to ‘come here’. I shake my head at him. I move my head further down and start licking his balls. He lies back and lets out another moan.

I keep licking him and watch as he closes his eyes and tilts his head back. I don’t stop. I like turning him on too much and watching him squirm. I move my tongue up slowly licking the whole way up his shaft. He watches me lick up and down and I curl my hand around the base and start sucking on the tip. I move my hand up and down his cock and suck on his cock. He tells me he’s going to cum but I don’t stop. I keep sucking his cock and hear him moaning louder and louder. ‘Oh god I’m going to cum’ he says. He puts one hand on my head and holds me down and I feel his cum hit the back of my throat.

‘Fuck! That was good’ he says, panting. ‘You taste good’, I reply. I get up and lie down next to him. He lies there for a minute, his cock is still hard. We talk for a while then he gets up and goes to the bathroom. He comes back and crawls into bed, opens up my legs and pulls me further down the bed. He puts his tongue in my pussy and I lean back and moan. I watch him slide his tongue in and out and he looks into my eyes. He licks my clit harder and harder and I feel like I’m going to cum. He keeps licking me and I moan louder and louder. He slides a finger inside me and licks my clit at the same time. The I feel him put in another finger and he starts caressing the inside of me. It feels so good. I keep thinking about how I want his cock inside me so badly. He keeps fingering me and licking me at the same time. It feels so good. I grab both my breasts and pinch down on my nipples. I feel my whole body tense up. He fingers me harder and faster and I cum. He takes his fingers out and puts them in my mouth. He watches me suck on his fingers. His beady eyes staring back at me. He licks me again and says I taste so good.

Can feel a wet patch on the bed sheet under me so I move up the bed.

Without saying anything he climbs on top of me, pushes my legs apart and holds one of my arms down and slides his cock inside of me. I let out a huge moan. His huge cock fills me up and feels so good inside me. He holds both my arms down and fucks me harder. I wrap my legs around him, pulling him in closer and feel his cock go deeper inside me. He kisses me and I can taste my cum. He fucks me harder and harder holding my wrists down on the bed. I moan into his ear as he fucks me harder and faster. I can feel I’m about to cum again. I keep moaning. ‘Does that feel good?’ He says. ‘Yes’ I reply. He looks into my eyes and puts one hand on my throat and presses down, squeezing around my little neck. I gasp for air, he squeezes tighter. ‘You like that?’ He says. I can’t speak so I nod. He grabs my legs and puts them over his shoulders. I feel his cock go in deeper. He continues choking me and fucking me harder. I can feel that I’m going to cum.

He kisses me again. His cock feels so good. I grab hold of the bed sheets with both hands and close my eyes. He tells me he’s going to cum. He fucks me harder and faster and I cum again. My pussy clenches up and he cums inside me. He lets out a loud moan and I feel his grip loosen around my neck.

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