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He arrives at my door. He's tall, handsome with a ginger beard, green eyes and dirty blonde hair.

He walks into my living room, sits down and takes his shoes off. I stand there nervously then make my way up to my bedroom. He follows me upstairs.

I sit down on the bed and look up at him. He's towering over me. He says he's been wanting to see me for nearly two months and hasn't had sex since he last saw me.

We sit down on the bed for a while and talk. I caress his face and softly brush my fingers through his beard. He kisses me. We lie on the bed and kiss passionately. I start undoing the buttons on his shirt. He gets impatient and stands up and pulls his shirt off over his head and takes his trousers and boxers off and stands by my bed fully naked. I watch as he climbs back onto the bed and lies down next to me.

I'm already horny at this point. He's muscular with a hot body, with big arms and dark chest hair which I find so attractive. I move down the bed and push his legs apart a bit and start licking his balls. I watch him tilt his head back into the pillow and close his eyes and he starts moaning.

I keep liking his balls more and more and start licking up his shaft. He moans louder. I put his cock in my mouth and suck on it until he's rock hard in my mouth. I keep sucking harder and harder whilst jerking him at the same time. He moves my hair out of my face and holds it and watches me suck his cock.

He reaches down and grabs my breasts and holds one and squeezes down on my nipple. He keeps moaning. I suck his cock down my throat as far as I can and he starts moaning louder.

His cock gets bigger and harder in my mouth. I keep sucking and he says 'You make my cock so hard'. I see him reach out to get a condom from the bedside table. I keep sucking and hear him rip open the condom wrapper. He puts a condom on and asks me to get on top.

I take my black satin robe off and reveal my black lace lingerie set. He says I look so hot.

I quickly take off my bra. He tells me to get on top. I take off my panties and straddle him. I slide his hard cock inside me and start to ride him. He whispers in my ear, 'I forgot how tight you are'.

I grind my pussy on his cock and feel myself about to cum. He starts fucking me and his big hard cock feels so good inside of me. He fucks me harder and harder and I clench onto the pillow, tilt my head back and start moaning so loud that the neighbours can probably hear.

I start rubbing my clit as he's fucking me and he asks if I want to use my vibrator. I say no. I keep rubbing my clit harder and harder and close my eyes. I'm soaking wet. I can feel that I'm about to cum. He fucks me harder and faster and tells me how good my pussy feels.

I kiss him and hold onto his arms whilst he's fucking me. I feel soaking wet and reach down and touch myself. I show him how wet I am and my cum is all over my fingers.

He asks to fuck me sideways and says you liked it last time. I lie down next to him and he slides his cock inside me again. I start grinding my pussy on his cock again. It feels so good that I don't stop. I can feel myself about to cum again. I grab my tits and pinch my nipples. He holds onto my hip and start fucking me harder.

I reach out and grab onto the bedsheets in front of me and he fucks me harder. My face buried is in the pillow. I moan even louder and his cock feels so good inside me.

I hear him moan and he cums inside me.

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