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Erotica - Duo with D

Threesome booking

I got a text from the agency asking if I could do a duo booking with another girl. I said yes. She texted me the hotel address and the hotel room number and the time to meet.

I got ready and put on my new lingerie. I wore a black dress and heels. I put on a long coat and put some stockings, suspenders, condoms, make up and perfume in my handbag. I hadn't met the other escort before. I went online on the agency's website and had a look at her profile. I wanted to have a look at her photos to get an idea of what she looked like. She had some nice photos but her face was blurred. I could see her long blonde hair and she was similar height to me.

I straightened my hair, did my make up, put on some lipstick and perfume and booked a taxi to the hotel.

I was walking through the hotel lobby and met D. She was walking towards me and smiled. She said are you Sara ? 'Yes' I replied.

She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was strikingly pretty and petite. We both worked for the same agency and were meeting a new client. I was a bit nervous. We got the lift up together and made our way to his hotel room.

We knocked on the door and the client let us in. He smiled and looked really pleased to meet us.

He took our coats and handed us both a white envelope of cash. We both thanked him and he asked us to sit and asked if we wanted something to drink. He told us he had some wine and food for us. He told us he has had duo bookings before but wanted to meet us both.

D sat on the chair and i sat on the bed. She sat with her legs crossed and smiled at me. The client poured us both a glass of wine and we talked for a while. He seemed sweet. I took a sip of my drink and looked over at D. She was cute. She smiled at me again. We both drank some wine. The client talked to both of us, then he asked if we were ready.

D got up and said I could join her in the bathroom to get ready together. I put my drink down, grabbed my handbag and walked over to the bathroom. I walked in and she closed the door. There was a big mirror. She started taking her clothes off and she watched me take my dress off. She seemed confident. She had a slim body, pale skin and her long blonde hair flowed down her back. She put on some bright red lingerie and started doing her make up in the mirror.

I got changed. I was wearing black lace lingerie and stockings and suspenders. She told me she had brought sex toys with her in her bag, vibrators for us to use on each other.

We were both ready and walked out of the bathroom towards the bed. The client had taken his trousers off and came over to join us on the bed. He told us that we looked sexy and beautiful.

He sat in the middle between us. He put both hands on our thighs. He kissed D first, then kissed me. I put my hand on his boxers, rubbing over his crotch until I felt his cock get hard. D told him to take his shirt off. He unbuttoned his shirt. I kept rubbing his cock with my hand. He turned and smiled at me. He looked at my tits and back up at me again. I got up and got down on my knees in front of him. I pulled his cock out of his boxers and put the tip in my mouth. He moaned. D watched me and smiled cheekily. They both watched me suck his cock.

The client kissed D as I sucked his cock. I cupped his balls in my other hand and jerked his cock into my mouth whilst sucking the tip. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock and he moaned louder. D took her bra off and the client grabbed both of her tits. She had light pink nipples and perky breasts. I kept sucking his cock but he told me to stop and take my bra and knickers off and get back on the bed.

He took his boxers off and grabbed a condom from the bedside table. I sat on the edge of the bed and he put the condom on. He pulled me closer to the edge and pushed my legs apart and pushed his cock inside my pussy. He moaned whist he was sliding it in deeper. He said it feels so tight. He started fucking me harder and D was sitting next to me watching. He told her to take her knickers off and kiss me. D slid her red lace panties off and kissed me. The client watched. She put her tongue in my mouth caressing it against mine. I pulled her face closer and kissed her back. The client fucked me harder and I started moaning even louder.

My tits were bouncing as he was fucking me. He grabbed them and massaged them with his hands. He said he was going to cum. He took the condom off and lied on the bed and told us to both suck his cock. We both started licking his cock. She was sucking his cock whilst I licked his balls and we took turns. He moaned and said he was almost there. He told me to put his cock in my mouth so I did. He came almost instantly. I felt his cum down my throat.

He laid there for a while panting. D picked up her glass and drank some more wine. She passed me my glass and gave the client his glass too. We all sat on the bed and talked some more.

D told him that she had brought sex toys with her if he wanted to watch us play. He asked us what she brought. She picked up her handbag and dropped all the sex toys out onto the bed. She had brought a few vibrators, some that I had never seen before. She told me she bought them but she's never used them before. I picked one up, 'What about this one?' I said. D nodded.

I could tell she was a bit nervous. She looked at me as I turned it on. She laid back on the bed and moved her legs apart. She had a landing strip and a cute pink pussy. I placed the vibrator on her clit and changed the settings to increase the intensity. She started moaning. She looked into my eyes and said 'That feels good'. I kept rubbing the vibrator over her clit and she started squirming a little.

She said she's never squirted but she feels like she might. I kept moving the vibrator on her clit and she grabbed the bedsheets and let out a loud moan. She told me it was too much and pushed my hand away. The client asked me to go down on her. I asked her if that was ok and she said yes. I pushed her legs apart and started licking her pussy. I could taste her cum and she tasted sweet.

The client used another vibrator and put it on my clit. It was so strong and felt so good. I kept licking her clit and the client kissed D. I felt like I was going to cum. I started riding the vibrator, rubbing my clitoris up and down on it until I came.

I turned the vibrator off and put it back on the bed. The client said we can eat something if we want. He had a lot of food on the table opposite the bed. I grabbed some for D. We sat on the bed and ate some food. The client poured us some more wine and we drank it. He said he was glad that he met us and we look better than in our photos. We had some more bites to eat and sipped some more wine.

D asked me what the time was. I got my phone out of my bag and checked the time and realised that time was almost up. The client told us we could shower and leave. The client picked up some grapes and started eating them on the bed. D got up and showered and I gathered my things and took my stockings off. I went into the bathroom and showered after her and we both got dressed.

She went back into the bedroom and gathered her belongings, putting the sex toys back into her handbag. We both put our coats back on. The client got up and said thank you both for coming. He kissed us both on the cheek and smiled. We thanked him and left.

D gave me her phone number and said to keep in touch.

We both texted the agency saying we had left.

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