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Erotica - Member's Club

A regular client of mine asked me to meet him at a restaurant at a members club.

I wore a short black dress and heels with black lace lingerie underneath. He asked me to bring my clit vibrator and said he had something planned for us that night. I wore a black dress and matching lace lingerie underneath and heels.

I met him at the bar and he took me over to the restaurant. He was handsome and wearing a dark suit. There were couples dining. The waitress took us over to a private booth in the corner. I sat down next to him and made small talk. He ordered some champagne for us. He got out his laptop and started showing me his work, then I felt his hand on my thigh. He smiled at me cheekily. I smiled back. The waitress came back with champagne. He moved his hand off my thigh. He poured me a drink and said he wanted to have some fun. He asked me where my vibrator was. I said it's in my handbag. He told me to get it out. I was a little shocked and nervous. I had never done anything like this in public before.

He placed the laptop on the table and pretended to flick through his work presentation so no one would be suspicious. He asked me to get out my clit vibrator and place it in between my legs. I looked around and the restaurant was busy and I thought someone would see and hear it.

He told me he wanted to watch me cum but told me to be quiet.

He kept insisting so I turned the vibrator on and did what he said. I put it on my knickers right on my clit and held it in between my thighs for as long as I could, letting out little moans as the vibrations got stronger and stronger. He watched me and I could see his hard cock through his trousers. He told me I couldn't cum yet and told me to keep it there. I liked how dominant and bossy he was. It turned me on.

The waitress kept coming over asking if we wanted to order food.

I couldn't concentrate or speak so he ordered food for us and she left.

He told me to keep holding the vibrator on my clit and I was about to cum.

He kept talking dirty to me saying I was really turning him on. I put my hand on his cock and felt him get harder. I kept stroking it up and down making him moan. He got embarrassed and moved my hand away. I looked around the restaurant and could see people looking over at us.

The waitress came back with our food and I tried not to make any eye contact. I moved so that my back was facing the rest of the people in the restaurant.

I told him I couldn't hold it any longer. He then gave me permission to cum. I clung onto the table and I came so hard and I could feel that my knickers were soaking wet. I'm pretty sure the other waiters heard our conversation. I quickly turned the vibrator off and hid it in my handbag, He leaned in and whispered that he wanted to taste me. He told me I was a good girl, which turned me on. I could see that his cock was still rock hard and he tried to hide it by crossing his legs.

It was only then that I realised there was food on the table. He had ordered some bites for us, prawns, fried sea-bass, scallops, calamari and some salad. The waitress came back asking if the food was ok. 'Yes it's delicious, thanks'. She smiled, quickly turned around and left. We both finished our food and he put his laptop away.

He told me to finish my drink and asked me to follow him downstairs. I asked him where we were going. He held my hand and led me into the toilets. It was a big room with mirrors and no one was inside.

He grabbed both my tits, slipped them out of my dress and sucked on them. He pushed me against the wall in front of the mirror and started pulling up my dress and pulling off my knickers. He took my knickers off and started fingering my wet pussy with two fingers and spreading it open. He got down on his knees and started licking me from behind. I watched him in the mirror. My lace knickers were around my ankles. He told me to stay still.

I heard him undoing his belt and watched him in the mirror. I felt him enter me, he fucked me so hard and pulled my hair back. He grabbed my tits when he was fucking me, telling me how hot I am. I kept moaning. For a second I forgot where we were and anyone could walk in any minute. Both my hands were on the mirror, my face pressed against it. He fucked me harder and harder against the mirror.

I could hear people talking outside. He whispered in my ear that he wanted me to cum on his cock, so I did. He said ‘good girl’ and carried on fucking me harder and faster until he came.

Everyone outside must have heard us but he didn't care and it turned me on.

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