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Erotica - My first Duo

I've always fantasied about fucking a client and another girl at the same time.

For my first Duo I was so nervous. I met a client from Adultwork and he chose the other escort we were meeting. He said he's met her a few times and she's lovely.

I messaged her on Adultwork and asked if we could meet outside the hotel. She said that's fine. She seemed nice and friendly. I met her outside the hotel and she showed me where his room was. She was well dressed, really cute, English, well spoken and very pretty. She had dark blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing long beige coat, silk scarf, a sexy black backless dress with nude heels and stockings.

We walked to the client’s hotel room. She knocked on the door. I tried not to show that I was nervous. He smiled and seemed very welcoming. He kissed us both on the cheek. He said 'I've got you both champagne'. He handed us a glass each and he sat down at the desk. He had music playing from his laptop. I took a sip of my drink. He was wearing a colourful patterned suit shirt and dark trousers.

I sat on the bed with her and we talked for a while. I realised we grew up from the same part of town. He poured us both a glass of champagne. She asked me to join her in the bathroom to get ready. She kissed me to calm my nerves and said the client is really nice and not to worry.

We got ready in the bathroom together and came out in our lingerie and stockings. He was still sitting at the desk watching. His face lit up when we entered the room. We both sat on the bed. She kissed me again. I took her bra off and started touching her breasts and licking her nipples as she moaned. She then took my bra off and did the same and kept kissing me. She waved him to come over but he said he wanted to watch us play for a bit. He sucked on my nipples and licked them. She turned me on. She was so hot.

The client came over to the bed, he took her knickers off and spread her legs apart and started licking her pussy. She looked at me and kept moaning and said she was about to cum.

She said she wanted to go down on me. She squeezed my boobs and said she loved them. She took my knickers off slowly and lowered her head whilst looking up at me. She put her tongue on my pussy and started licking my clit and up and down my pussy making me so wet. He continued watching us and touching my breasts. He started unbuttoning his shirt. I was so turned on by him watching us. She licked my pussy and said I tasted so good. I watched her and it turned me on.

I got up and went over to him on the bed and kissed him slowly. I could tell he was really turned on by us. I took his shirt off and I undid his belt and took his trousers off. I could see his dick was so hard in his boxers so I took them off.

I touched his dick gently with my fingers teasing him and started to jerk him off. I started licking the bottom of his shaft to the top. Then I put the tip of his cock in my mouth and started moving my head up and down sucking his cock as fast as I could and he was moaning saying how good it feels in my mouth. He told me he was going to cum but I kept sucking on it.

She started kissing him and I kept sucking his dick harder and harder. He said he was going to cum and insisted that I stop. He laid her down next to me and started fingering her and went down on her and I watched. He told me to go down on her. I sucked on her nipples and moved further down the bed. I licked her pussy and she moaned. She watched me. He kissed her and I continued licking her pussy and she came. She tasted sweet. I licked her pussy clean.

He asked me to suck his cock again. They were kissing and he was pinching her nipple and rubbing her clit at the same time. I kept sucking his cock and rubbing his balls at the same time. He was moaning and she watched me. I sucked his cock faster and he told me he was going to cum. I kept sucking and he came in my mouth.

We drank some more champagne and talked a bit more. They told me they were going out for dinner after. The client got dressed and said he was going to leave. He handed me an envelope with cash and said ‘that’s for you’. ‘Thank you’ I said, I smiled and put the envelope in my bag. I started to get dressed. He kissed us both goodbye and left.

She looked at me and said ‘See it wasn’t so bad. I told you he’s really nice.’ She gave me her phone number and said we should keep in touch. I saved her number. She told me she worked for an agency and said she’d had another Duo earlier that day. We both got dressed and left the hotel together. She said she was going to meet him at the restaurant. She told me which agency she worked for and said I should join. We stayed in contact and she gave me some advice about escorting as she could tell I was new.

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