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Erotica - The Beach

We are both lying on the beach soaking up the sun. I’m in my little red bikini, drinking my favourite cocktail, a passionfruit martini. You’re wearing your blue swimming trunks and silver necklace. Your golden locks glistening in the sunlight.

You keep looking over at me and I can tell you’re getting turned on as I keep adjusting my bikini top. I keep catching you looking down at my breasts and licking your lips. I keep teasing you more and more to turn you on. You start to get frustrated and tell me to stop. You say there might be kids around and there are people sunbathing near us on the beach.

I laugh and take another sip of my drink and lie back down. You start reading your favourite book, looking out at the sea. You can hear the waves crashing at the shore. The sun is so hot on your skin, you reach out for a drink of water and some drips down your chest and melts into you.

I get up and say I’m going to cool off. You look at me and I can feel you scanning my body with your eyes. I smile and adjust my bikini bottoms and turn towards the sea and start walking. You continue reading whilst watching me every so often to check what I’m up to.

I finally reach the water and feel the water on my feet. There are children playing making sandcastles and swimming in the sea. I get into the clear cool water and start swimming. I lean my head back and float around for a while trying to take everything in. This beach is beautiful. There are big palm trees scattered around and the beach is clean with white sand.

I look over and spot you lying still reading your book. You look so peaceful. I’m feeling a little cheeky. I know how much you love my little red bikini. I come out of the water and walk back up the beach to our spot. Some men turn and look at me as I walk past. Your head is still buried in your book and you don’t notice me walking towards you.

There’s water dripping off of me, I’m soaking wet so I grab a towel to dry myself off. You take your eyes off the page and notice me bending over to wipe down my legs. My feet are covered in sand. I start drying my hair and see you staring at me and I laugh. I carry on drying myself off and you look right down my bikini top staring at my breasts. I smile at you and lie down on the towel next to yours. I ask if you have any suncream and you get the bottle out from your bag. I ask you to rub it onto my shoulders and you stare into my eyes when you do. I get more out of the bottle and start rubbing it on my chest. I can see you watching me as I do it and I can tell you’re getting turned on. I ask you to rub some onto my back so you do. I lie on my front and undo my bikini top from the back and take it off. You sit next to me on the sun bed and massage the sun cream onto my back. It feels so nice I let out a moan or two and you keep rubbing it in more and more, down to my lower back just above my ass. You lower my bikini bottoms just enough to see my ass.

I can feel you getting hard and feel your boner poking into my side.

I push my hair out of my face and look at you. I turn over onto my front and you look stunned.

I bite my lip and look up at you cheekily. You freeze. I grab the bottle and pour more sun cream on myself, spreading it onto my stomach and chest and massaging it onto my breasts. You watch me.

You sit back down and reach out for your book. Some people walk past us and you look over at me and tell me to cover up but I don’t. You start to get annoyed. I turn over and lie on my front and start to drift off. We stay laying on the beach for a while. It starts to get cloudy. I fall asleep.

I wake up and the clouds have disappeared. I finish drinking my cocktail so you buy me another. You order yourself a beer. The kids run off and more people seem to disappear. The beach is more peaceful now. I can hear the breeze from the palm trees and feel the wind on my back. You apply some sun cream on yourself and I watch you rub it in. I come and kneel down in front of you and rub some cream on you. You still seem annoyed with me but I know how to cheer you up. You take a few sips of your beer. I flick my hair out of the way. You stare down at my chest. I rub cream on your thighs and move my hand up under your swimming trunks. You take a deep breath in as I move my hand further in. You say ‘Don’t’ but I know you want me to. You turn me on so much, I can’t help myself. You push my hand away and put your glass back on the table. I look up at you and say ‘Why not?’ I run my fingers across your chest and can sense you getting even more turned on. You ask ‘What if someone’s watching us?’ You look around frantically and notice almost everyone on the beach has gone. I slip my hand under your shorts again and feel how hard you are. You let out a little moan, bite your lip and tilt your head back.

I take my hand out and start rubbing your cock over your shorts. You’re rock hard. You look down at my breasts then up at my face again, then you lean in and kiss me passionately. Our tongues collide. You kiss me so hard it hurts. You put your hand around my throat and squeeze down. Then you stop and look into my eyes.

You grab me and lift me up. You turn me around and grab the back of my hair pulling my head to one side. You start moving your other hand down the front my body until you reach my bikini bottoms. You put your whole hand in and I let out a moan so low. You move my legs apart and slide your fingers over my pussy, teasing me. I hate being teased. You say ‘Do you like that?’

I reply ‘No!’ I turn around, you kiss me again. I get down on my knees in front of you and pull your shorts down. I lick your balls and up your shaft. You’re towering over me and watching me. You put your hand on my head stroking my hair as I do it. You like watching me. You look into my eyes as I take your whole cock into my mouth. I keep sucking your cock until you can’t take it anymore. You reach down and grab my breasts with both hands. I can tell you’re about to cum.

It starts to rain. The last few people on the beach disperse and we are finally alone. You take your shorts off and you pull my bikini bottoms down. I take them off.

You lay me down in the sand and hold my arms down over my head. You push yourself inside me. I moan so loud. You kiss me. I can feel the sand between my toes and my toes curl up. You put both hands on my hips and move me up and down so I’m grinding down on your cock. I pull your head towards me and kiss you again. I start riding up and down on you. You grab my ass with both hands and start moving me up and down again. You cock feels so good inside me. I come really hard.

The warm rain drops start to feel heavier. You look around and spot somewhere we can shelter from the rain. You tell me to gather my things. You grab my hand and drag me to the nearest building. Theres a small alleyway between the hotels. You pull me through. We drop our bags onto the wet floor. You lean in and kiss me again. You push me back onto the brick wall. I stroke your cock unit you get hard again. You smile at me and turn me around facing the wall. I put both hands on the wall. I hear you spit onto your hand and then I feel you put your cock in me. You grab a fistful of my hair and pull my head up. You start fucking me slowly and start biting my neck. You start rubbing my clit with your other hand, sliding the tips of your fingers over my clit and pussy as you start fucking me harder. You put your hand over my mouth to stop me moaning so loud as you put your cock deeper inside me. You’re fucking me so hard and I’m grazing up against the wall but it feels so good that I don’t want you to stop. My nails are digging into the brick wall. My hair is soaking wet from the rain. I can hear someone talking in the distance. I can hear footsteps coming closer but you don’t stop and I don’t care if they see us.

You keep fucking me until I come again. Hard. It starts to rain even more. You tell me you’re going to come. You push my asscheeks apart with your fingers and keep fucking me harder and harder. You watch your cock sliding in and out of me. It’s soaking wet and dripping my come onto your balls.Your cock feels so good. My tits are pressed so hard against the brick wall. My nipples hurt. I bite down on my thumb and you come.

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