Film List

Quite a few clients have been asking me for film suggestions so I made a list for you.

This is in no order. I've added some series that I like too and documentaries.


Manhunt the Unabomber (Netflix)

Black Mirror (Netflix)

Breaking Bad (Netflix)

Ozark (Netflix)

Sharp Objects (Amazon Prime)

Euphoria (Amazon Prime or NowTV)

Mindhunter (Netflix)

Californication (Amazon Prime)

Parks and Recreation (comedy)

The Sinner (Netflix)

The Queen's Gambit (Netflix)

The Girlfriend Experience (Amazon Prime)

Orange is the new black (Netflix)

Peep Show (comedy, on Netflix)

American Horror Story (Netflix)

The Wilds (Amazon Prime)

Killing Eve (BBC Iplayer)

Fleabag (BBC Iplayer or Amazon Prime)

Crashing (Netflix)

Industry - (BBC Iplayer)

Soulmates (romance on Amazon Prime)

Girls (Amazon Prime)

Broad City (comedy on Amazon Prime)

Secret Diary of a call girl (Amazon Prime)

Green Wing (comedy on Amazon Prime)

Castle Rock (Amazon Prime)

Westworld (Amazon Prime)

Queen of the South (Netflix)

Power (Netflix)


The Handmaid's Tale (Amazon Prime)

Marcella (Netflix)

Money Heist (Netflix)

Doctor Foster (Netflix)

The Good Doctor (Amazon Prime)

The Alienist (Netflix)

Better Call Saul (Netflix)

Criminal (Netflix)

Lord of the Rings

Game of Thrones

Bonding (Netflix)


The Girlfriend Experience - Sasha Grey

Nymphomaniac - Lars Von Trier (Amazon Prime)

Jeune et Jolie (Amazon Prime)

The Little Things (2021, Amazon Prime)

Papillon - (Amazon Prime)

Greenland (Amazon Prime)

The Town (Amazon Prime)

War Dogs

Babel (2006, Amazon Prime)

Last Night (2010, romance)

Night Hunter (2018 on Amazon Prime)

The Accountant (Amazon Prime)

My Friend Dahmer (Amazon Prime)

A Dangerous Method (Amazon Prime)

Shame (Amazon Prime)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Amazon Prime)

Love (2015, Amazon Prime) - Gaspar Noe

Climax (Amazon Prime) - Gaspar Noe

JoJo Rabbit (Amazon Prime)

Laurel Canyon (Amazon Prime)

Closer (romance) (Amazon Prime)

Limitless (Netflix)

Friday Night Dinner (comedy)

Bad Grandpa (comedy)

Ex Machina (Amazon Prime)

Secretary (Amazon Prime)

Knock Knock (Amazon Prime)

Beast (Amazon Prime)

Underwater (Amazon Prime)

Love Actually (romance/comedy on Amazon Prime)

Silver Linings Playbook (romance on Amazon Prime)

Submission (Amazon Prime)

The Girl with the dragon tattoo (Amazon Prime)

Red Sparrow (Amazon Prime)

Cherry (Amazon Prime)

The Girl Next Door (Amazon Prime)


Eat Pray Love (Amazon Prime)

Lost In Translation (Amazon Prime)

The Burnt Orange Heresy (Amazon Prime)

Parasite (Amazon Prime)

Don't Breathe (Amazon Prime)

Stoker (Amazon Prime)

The Company you keep (Amazon Prime)

Widows (Amazon Prime)

American Honey (Amazon Prime)

Red Lights (Amazon Prime)

The Prestige

A Bigger Splash (Amazon Prime)

Horror films:

The Platform (Netflix)



It Follows (Amazon Prime)

Mother (Amazon Prime)

The Invisible Man (Amazon Prime)

Get Out


(There are so many on Netlfix - Here is a list of some I've watched recently)

Don't fuck with cats (Netflix)

Steve Jobs (Netflix)

The Social Dilemma (Netlfix)

Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix)

Louis Theroux

Tiger King (Netflix)

Making a Murderer (Netflix)

Evil Genius (Netflix)

Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich (Netflix)

American Murder - the Family next door (Netflix)

Surviving R Kelly (Netflix)

Made you look (Netflix)

Slutever (on 4od)

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