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Hotel Window

I met a new client at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. I met him outside, he opened my taxi door and gave him a hug and a kiss. We entered the hotel and he showed me up to his room. We got a lift up together and he was strikingly handsome, tall, tanned, slim with dark hair and dark eyes and a moustache.

He showed me around his suite. He asked me if I wanted anything to drink and he poured me a glass of champagne. He put some music on the TV.

He said he just needed to shower quickly as he had a long flight and he wanted to go out and get dinner first. He went into the bathroom and started showering. I took my coat off and sat on the sofa and sipped my champagne. Thats when I noticed the stunning view. I walked towards the window, drink in my hand and took some photos of the view.

I sat back down and he came out dripping wet with a towel around him and thats when I noticed his tattoos. He said he used to be in the Military. He was muscly with a six pack with beautiful tanned skin.

He asked where I fancied going out for dinner as he rummaged through his suitcase looking for new clothes. He looked really sexy and I couldn't stop looking at him. He noticed me staring and walked over to me. I kissed him, I couldn't help myself. He was very handsome and charming. He had a similar personality to me, fun and playful and sweet but also caring which I liked. He got dressed and we went out to a nearby restaurant and had dinner together then we came back to the hotel.

I told him I've always wanted to have sex on a hotel window.

He dimmed the lights and I turned the bed side table lights off and told him I have lingerie in my handbag. So he asked me to change so I did. I came back out wearing my black lace lingerie and stockings. He loved it. He asked me to come sit on the bed.

He put some music on the TV again and he started to kiss me on the bed.

He kissed me passionately swirling his tongue in my mouth and holding me down on the bed. He climbed on top of me and took his shirt off. I watched and looked at his tattoos and muscles and felt so turned on. I took my bra off and he squeezed my breasts together and started licking and sucking on my nipples whilst looking up at me which turned me on even more.

I felt him reach down the front of my panties and slide his fingers over my pussy. I was soaking wet. He put his fingers inside me and fingered me harder and harder and I moaned so loud and felt like I was going to cum. He put his tongue back in my mouth and kept fingering me harder and faster and I came.

He took his boxers off and laid on the bed. I reached down and started licking and sucking his cock. He moaned and said I was good at that. He got hard. Rock hard and said he wanted to fuck me. I slid my panties off onto the floor and grabbed a condom from the bedside table and put it on him.

I told him I wanted him to fuck me on the hotel window. I could feel my heart racing. His face lit up. He picked me up and lifted me up and sat me down on the window sill. He pushed my legs apart and went down on me. I moaned again and tilted my head back. He tasted me and said I taste so sweet. He turned me on so much. He pulled me closer to him and looked into my eyes and slid his cock inside me and fucked me so hard that it hurt.

He fucked me up against the glass and I knew people outside could probably see us but I didn't care. He grabbed my ass and fucked me so hard. Then he picked me up again and carried me towards the sofa and I stood on it and he bent me over so my hands were on the window and he fucked me from behind so hard that I came again. My hands spread on the window and he carried on fucking me and told me he was going to cum.

I said let's fuck on the sofa so I laid down on the sofa and he climbed on top of me.

I placed his hand over my throat and he held down and chocked me. I could tell he liked it. He fucked me harder and faster whilst choking me and he came almost instantly.

He moaned in my ear and he told me he liked that and hadn't choked anyone in a long time.

He went to go shower quickly and came and sat on the bed. I laid next to him and we talked and he said he was so glad to have met me and had the best time and he was only visiting London for the weekend and he would love to see me again.

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