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Where are you from?

I'm British. I grew up in the countryside in Surrey. I do have a British accent.

What did you study?

I am privately educated. I studied Business Studies, Economics and Psychology for A Level, as well as Italian.

I do love learning new languages and I find Psychology fascinating.

I've always had a passion for Art and Design, Photography and Interior Design.

I studied Media Studies at school and I do love films and cinematography.

I am a post graduate at a top University. I work part time.

What are your hobbies?

I love going to art galleries, cinema, theatre, etc, so if you enjoy that we'd get on really well.

I like dining out and finding new bars and restaurants to go to. I also like staying in, making dinner together, drinking wine, snuggling up watching a film. I also enjoy watching documentaries or psychological thrillers.

I like going to the gym, going for long walks, picnics, road trips, going to the beach as well as the countryside.

I enjoy cooking, going shopping, music, going to concerts, going to the opera, reading, writing and swimming.

What is your personality like?

I'm friendly, kind, open minded, funny, flirty, caring, adventurous. I am affectionate and a good listener. During a date I like putting my clients at ease and relaxing together. I like giving and receiving massages, kissing, hugging and great conversation.

Do you look like your photos?

Yes, my photos are recent. I like to get new photos done. If you would like new photos or videos please sign up to my Onlyfans or Admireme account. I post new content on there daily. Click here for more info!

Clients have said I look better and younger than in my photos. I've had clients tell me I'm good at putting them at ease.

Clients tell me they love my accent, love my figure and they love my personality. I've been told I'm very sweet, cute, beautiful, sexy and kinky. If you want to read my feedback from past clients you can here.

What are you like sexually?

I am submissive as well as dominant.

I'm open minded so if you have any fetishes you want to explore please let me know.

Do you only do GFE dates?

Yes, I only do girlfriend experience meets. I will not do bondage or BDSM meets or any anal. If you are looking for that please find someone else. My dates will include: kissing or french kissing, oral both ways and protected sex only. I always use condoms, do not make me feel uncomfortable by asking for no condoms during our date. I take my health very seriously. I'm good at putting clients at ease. I want you to feel relaxed and really enjoy our time together. I'm attentive, a good listener, affectionate, passionate and I do enjoy sex. I also enjoy giving and receiving massages.

Do you like to Travel?

I also love travelling. I have always wanted to go to Santorini. I went to Croatia, Dubrovnik last year and it was beautiful.

I do want to travel more but not on my own, so if you want to take me on holiday or want some company on your work trip feel free to invite me, I'm sure we'd have lots of fun. I do love the beach but I'm open to any holiday you have in mind, I'm very versatile. My mother is from Milan, so I do love travelling to Italy. I love Italian food, fashion and cars. I want to explore Italy more and go to South of Italy. I also want to go to Greece, Portugal, Bora Bora, Thailand and I've heard Japan is amazing.

Why did you start escorting?

After University I started working part time as a webcam model for fun and really enjoyed it.

I moved to London with a close friend of mine and lived in Shoreditch for two years and I started escorting part time.

I recently moved to central London and moved into my own flat. I love living in London, meeting new people and I do really enjoy escorting. I've always been very sexual and adventurous. I've always been attracted to older men and I find meeting married men such a turn on. I've always been curious about escorting and even tried sugar daddy dating.

Are you bisexual?

Yes, I am truly bisexual. I have dated girls in my personal life and I have met other companions for duo bookings. If you are curious about having a threesome let me know, I have friends who would love to join us. I also meet couples.

Where can I take you out on a date?

I do love roof top bars or anywhere with a view. I love watching the sunset or the city lights. I love the Sky Garden, live music, hotels with a view (So if you want to impress me please book a hotel room with a balcony).

I love music, going to bars, drinking cocktails, relaxing and enjoying each others company.

I like snuggling up in bed watching movies and drinking champagne and getting room service.

I love giving massages and making you relaxed after a hard days work.

What else do you like?

I like arty places, cafes, restaurants, bars. I like going to museums, art galleries, exploring London.

I like going shopping, if you'd like to treat me to a day out in Selfridges or Harrods let me know!

I also like being naughty and going to strip clubs and burlesque shows are fun too.

If you'd like to go exploring and go to a cabaret show let me know.

I also like the countryside, going on long walks, dates in the park, picnics, flirting and deep conversations.

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