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We all head back to the hotel room. We're all a bit tipsy after dinner with you and you seem horny and can't wait to fuck us all.

We take our heels off and give you a kiss. You open a bottle of champagne and kindly pour all of us a drink. We start to kiss each other and sip some champagne. You like watching all of us kiss and I can see your cock getting hard in your trousers.

You tell us to go get ready and put on some sexy lingerie that you've bought us.

We all giggle and walk into the bathroom to get ready together. We hurry in and shut the door.

You sit by the bed and patiently wait for us, sipping your drink.

To our surprise the shower is big enough to fit all of us. Mia turns the shower on to have a quick shower. Mia and Christina quickly both strip naked and get in. I take my dress, and lingerie off and get in the shower too.

Mia grabs the shower gel and squirts it on all of our tits and starts laughing. We start rubbing the shower gel over our tits and massaging and soaping each other's breasts, giggling and splashing water on each other. Mia and Christina start kissing gently then with tongues. They start rubbing each other nipples and moaning as they kiss.

The steam fills the room and I watch as Mia starts touching Christina's tits again and slowly moves her hand down and starts rubbing her clit and slides her fingers inside her. She fingers Christina and she moans so loudly. I get down on my knees and squat behind Mia and she opens her legs. I grab her ass as she watches me reach my head under and start licking her pussy.

I start licking it gently, whilst I touch myself. I rub my own clit and put my tongue in her pussy.

She moans so loudly and Mia fingers Christina harder and faster until she cums.

You start wondering why we are taking so long and knock on the bathroom door.

We giggle and say just a minute. We carry on and you become impatient and knock again.

We tell you to come in.

You open the door and the steam rushes out. For a minute or two you can barely see us but when you do your eyes light up and you are stunned. You don't know what to do with yourself.

Your cock is rock hard watching us.

You walk over to the shower and say, 'are you coming out?'

'No' we reply, 'why don't you join us?'

I walk out of the shower and kiss you, and start undoing your shirt buttons one by one.

You are so turned on you don't know what to do but I take the lead.

I undo your belt and you pull down your trousers and boxers. You take off your shirt and socks and I pull you into the shower.

Christina and Mia start rubbing your chest and put some shower gel on you and I watch and bite my lip. Your cock looks so good I just want it in my mouth. But which one of us will suck it first?

Christina gets down on her knees and puts your cock in her mouth and starts sucking on it. Mia gets down too and they both start licking your cock at the same time whilst both looking up at you. You notice me watching and bring me closer and start squeezing my tits and kissing me. You tell me to touch myself so I do.

Then you start fingering me and kiss me passionately with your tongue in my mouth. You finger me harder and faster until I'm about to cum. You look into my eyes then back down at your cock.

Christina sucks your cock again, then Mia takes over, then I get down and start sucking it.

I put the whole of your cock in my mouth and push it deep inside my throat until I gag on it.

I suck your cock as hard and as fast as I can.

You keep moaning louder and louder and tell me you're going to cum but you want to fuck us first.

You tell all of us to bend over and face the wall. You stand behind us and start fucking Christina first, then Mia, then you fuck me from behind as hard as you can and I moan so loud.

You fuck me harder and harder until I cum on your cock. You fuck us again one by one and it's so hot watching my friends getting fucked and hearing them moan right next to me.

You start fucking Christina again and Mia and I start kissing.

Then we start fingering each other at the same time and moan into each other's mouths as we are about to cum. You watch us and fuck Christina harder and harder and you cum so hard.

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