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The Babysitter

I replied to an job advert I saw online and I get a phone call. A woman asks me to come to her house later for an interview. She sends me the address. Its not too far from where I live so I decide to walk since it's hot outside. I wear a white tennis skirt, white trainers and white T-shirt and light blue cardigan.

I arrive on the street and nervously walk to her front door. I can hear kids playing inside as I ring the doorbell. She soon opens the door. She has long brown hair and wearing a floral summer dress. She smiles and asks me to come in. I can feel my heart beating out of my chest as I walk in. I look around and notice her house is enormous. It's well decorated, modern, with big windows and a lot of natural light.

The kids run into the room, laughing and playing with their toys. The woman asks me if I want something to drink. She gets me a glass of water and asks me to sit down.

I walk over and sit on the couch and adjust my skirt, smoothing it over my thighs. She walks over and passes me the glass and I take a sip.

She sits down opposite me and asks for my name. She asks me how I'm doing and when I'm available to babysit. She tells me she has two kids, Jack and Rachel. She looks over at the kids and she smiles then looks back at me. 'So when can you start?' she asks. 'Tomorrow?' I reply.

'Great' she says. She brushes her hair out of her face. She's naturally pretty and tanned.

I hear someone at the front door so I look over. The door unlocks and a man walks in.

The kids run over to him and start yelling 'Daddy's home' with their hands in the air wanting to be picked up. He puts down his briefcase and bends down. They run into his arms and he picks them up.

I watch as he plays with them for a while. His wife catches me looking and says 'Right, well I guess we'll see you tomorrow.' I look at her, nod and say 'Ok'. I'm about to get up to leave when he comes over. The kids disperse and run into the other room and he slowly walks towards me and sits down next to her. He's wearing a dark grey suit. He's got thick curly dark hair and he's tanned with olive skin and piercing blue eyes. I watch as he crosses his legs and leans back and brushes one hand through his hair. He looks straight at me and licks his lips. I sit perfectly still and watch as he looks at my legs then up at my chest then at my face. We lock eyes for a second and I look down at the floor. His wife doesn't notice.

I try not to look at him. I feel nervous so I begin fiddling with the end of my skirt. I can feel him staring at me. His wife gets up and says 'Well it was nice meeting you,' hinting that she wants me to leave. I get up and slowly make my way over to the front door. His wife follows me and lets me out. 'Goodbye.' She says. 'See you tomorrow.' I wave goodbye and leave. I walk home through the park, the sun is going down and I'm treading through the yeasty leaves.

I get home, take my shoes off and go up to my room. I take off my clothes and walk to the bathroom and turn the shower on. I step in and begin washing my hair. As I close my eyes I try to picture his face and him licking his lips whilst he's looking at me. I reach down and start to touch myself. I think about how good he looked in his suit and think about me climbing on top of him and straddling him. Then I think about him getting down on his knees and putting his tongue inside my pussy. I cup one breast in my hand and squeeze my nipple. I think about him sliding his cock inside me. I close my eyes, tilt my head back and rub my clitoris so hard until I come.

He's embedded in my mind.

The next morning I wake up, have breakfast and get ready. I have a bite of toast and drink some orange juice. I make some tea and sip it as I do my make up in front of the mirror and brush my hair. I play some music from my laptop and try to decide what to wear. I put on a red bra and lace knickers, a short skirt, a T-shirt and a cardigan. I put on some perfume. I finish doing my make up and close my laptop. I get my bag and make my way towards the door.

I arrive at their house and ring the doorbell. I start to feel nervous again and clutch hold of my handbag strap. I can see a shadow in the window and to my surprise he opens the door.

'Hi' he says. He looks me up and down again and lets me in. I nervously smile at him and step in. I stand there awkwardly and he says 'come' and waves his hand signalling me to follow him. He gives me a tour around the house. I try desperately not to think about his hands on me. I can feel the sexual tension. He shows me around the kitchen and tells me where everything is. He keeps talking but I lose focus on what he's saying. I start replaying what I thought about in the shower and have to snap myself out of it. He continues talking. I turn around and look at him. I try to pretend I was listening. I catch him looking at my legs again. I feel embarrassed and look at the floor. He laughs.

Before he says anything his wife walks into the room and says 'You're here, great!'. She smiles at me. She's holding the children's clothes in one hand and some of their toys in another. She asks me to follow her into the kid's room. I trail behind her and she opens the kids bedroom. There are clothes and toys all over the floor. The whole room is a mess. The kids are both playing with their toys. 'Can you tidy this up please and make the kids some food.' 'Yes' I replied.

I tidy the kids room as best as I could and make my way into the kitchen again. He isn't to be seen. I frantically look around the kitchen and find the fridge. As I look inside I feel his hand on my shoulder. I look up at him. 'What are you looking for?' he says. 'I just need to feed the kids'. He gets out some food and starts cutting up some fruit. I stand and watch him cut up an apple. I can hear his wife talking on the phone in the other room. I watch as he glides the knife around the red apple and the peelings fall onto the floor. His hands look big and strong. I think about putting his fingers in my mouth. Then I think about what his hand would feel like around my throat.

I start to get turned on. What would he do if I asked him to fuck me right now?

I shake my head and try to stay focused. He gets the food ready on the plates and I thank him and carry them to the dining table and he calls the kids over to eat. I get them something to drink. I open the fridge and get some juice. I feel him put his hand across my back. He leans in and gets some more food from the fridge. He starts making sandwiches. 'Do you want one?' he asks. 'Sure thanks'. I reply. I bring the juice over to the kids and sit opposite them at the table.

I watch as they eat the fruit and they stare at me for a while. I smile at them and they smile back. They giggle at each other and continue eating. I can hear the wife still talking on the phone in the other room. I sit there with my hands on the table nervously fiddling with my fingers. I waited for him to bring the food over. He walks in and puts the plates on the table. He passes some sandwiches to the kids and asks me to take one. He pulls out a chair and sits next to me. I reach over and take a sandwich. He watches me take a bite out of it.

The kids finish their meal and leave the table. He eats a sandwich and I see him licking his lips. I see him sucking sauce off of his fingers. He looks at me when he does it. I continue eating the rest of my sandwich, holding it with both hands. I take another bite and I feel his hand on my thigh. He lightly moves his hand over my thigh and says ' Do you like it?' I don't know if he meant the sandwich or him touching me. I freeze and look at him. His wife walks into the room. He doesn't take his hand off of my thigh. I put the sandwich down on the plate. I reach one hand under the table and put it on his hand. I move his hand under my skirt until I feel his fingers rubbing over my panties. He starts rubbing my clitoris. His wife starts talking to me but I can't focus. He starts rubbing me harder. I squeeze my legs together. She asks me how I'm doing. I struggle to speak. He starts talking to her and changes the subject.

He keeps rubbing his fingertips over my clitoris and I can feel myself about to come. I look down at the table and bite down on my thumb. He doesn't stop. I turn towards him and open my legs and he moves my panties to the side and slides his finger inside me. I gasp and take a deep breath in. His wife doesn't suspect a thing. He turns and looks at me and slides another finger inside me. I gasp again and curl my toes. He slides his fingers in and out of me faster. His wife sits there opposite us eating and reading something on her phone. I bite down on my finger, close my eyes and come hard. He takes his fingers out of me and puts them in his mouth. I watch him taste me. He licks my come off of his fingers.

Later he follows me into the bathroom and closes the door. He pushes me up against the wall and holds both my hands up over my head. He rubs his other hand over my breasts and down to my panties. He lift up my skirt and puts his hand under my panties and starts rubbing me again. This makes me squirm and I can't move. He turns me on so much.

He kisses me against the wall, his whole face pressed against mine. He kisses me passionately with his whole tongue in my mouth. He kisses down my neck, then pulls my knickers down to my ankles and tells me to sit on his face. He gets down on his knees and starts licking my clitoris and sliding his tongue around my pussy then I feel it go inside me. My hands are on the back of his head. I realise that the bathroom door isn't locked and his wife could walk in any minute. He didn't seem to care, which turned me on even more.

I look down at his bright blue eyes staring back at me. He tells me I taste so good and continues licking me until I come again.


I lie in bed thinking about him. I toss and turn all night and can't sleep. My phone lights up. I get a text message and I open it. 'Goodnight Kitten' he says. He tells me he's so horny and can't sleep. He's lying next to his wife in bed thinking about me. I send him some nude photos of me along with some videos of me fingering myself on my bed. He tells me he wants to hear me cumming. He asks me to record myself and send him a voice note.

I get my phone, lie back on the bed and start recording. I start touching myself, thinking about him lying in bed with me wanking himself off next to me. I think about him looking at me when he comes. I think about how good his tongue felt in my pussy and how wet I got. I think about him putting his fingers inside me and how good his cock must feel filling me up. I want to fuck him so badly.


It's late at night. He invites me over and his wife is in bed asleep. He opens the back door and lets me in. He pulls me in closer and kisses me and grabs hold of me. I tip toe to kiss him and he wraps his arms around me and squeezes my ass with both hands. He moves his hands up my back and puts his tongue in my mouth. He kisses me passionately and I reach both my hands over his shoulders. He picks me up and carries me onto the dining table. He sits me down on the wooden table and looks into my eyes. 'I missed you, Kitten' he whispers. he brushes back my hair out of my face and kisses me again. I swirl my tongue in his mouth and I can feel myself getting wet.

He starts to undo the buttons on my cardigan and I reach down and start undoing his belt. I can see the outline of his cock in his trousers. He starts breathing heavier as I undo his belt and he puts both hands on my tits and squeezes them. I want him inside of me so badly and I cant wait any longer. He reaches under my skirt and pulls off my panties. He spreads my legs and pulls me closer to the edge of the table. I take my cardigan and top off over my head. He starts rubbing my clit and tells me how wet I am. I start rubbing his cock and its rock hard in my hand.

I feel him slip his fingers inside me and moan loudly. He covers my mouth with one hand and tells me to be quiet. I take my red bra off and drop it on the floor. He puts my tits in his mouth and licks my nipples whilst fingering me. I try not to moan but it feels so good. He gets my panties and rolls them up into a ball and puts it in my mouth. He pulls down his boxers and gets his cock out and pushes it inside me. He lifts me up and fucks me on the table. I lie back and feel my tits moving while he fucks me. My moans are muffled as I bite down on my panties. I look up at him and he grabs my hips and bounces me up and down on his cock.

I moan so loud and feel his whole cock slide inside of me. He fucks me hard. I bite down on the panties and grab hold of the side of the table. He fucks me harder and harder and I can feel I'm about to cum. He pulls me closer to him and slides his cock in deeper. He grabs both my thighs then picks me up. He carries me to the kitchen. I've always wanted to fuck in the kitchen.

He lifts up my skirt and bends me over the counter. I spread my legs apart and lean forward with both my hands on the counter. He slides his cock in again and fucks me hard from behind. I take my red lace panties out of my mouth and catch my breath. I put them on the counter.

I can hear him grunting. He grabs hold of my hair and pulls my head back. He whispers in my ear 'I've wanted to do this for so long'. He fucks me harder and faster and I can feel that I'm about to come. He pinches my nipple with his other hand and I moan louder. He covers my mouth with his hand and says 'You're such a good little slut aren't you.' I look into his eyes and nod. He fucks me harder whilst holding my gaze. 'Tell me you're my good little slut.' He grabs hold of my ass and spanks me really hard. It hurts. I struggle to speak. ' I... I'm your good little slut'. He spanks me again and fucks me harder until it hurts. 'Good girl! He says.

He tells me he's going to come. I feel his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. He pinches both my nipples and let's out a huge moan so loud that it probably wakes up his wife and kids. I feel his cum dripping out of me.

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