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The Bar

We meet at a bar.

I walk in wearing a black tight fitted dress and high heels. I nervously look around and spot the bar so I walk over. I've had a hard day at work and I'm dying for a drink.

The bar is dark with some candle lit tables and groups of people swarming around babbling. I manage to squeeze through them all and make my way towards the bar.

Some men are sitting by the bar drinking. I walk over and two men move to let me order myself a drink. I'm waiting to order myself a drink and that's when I spot you.

You're sitting alone staring at your drink and you look slightly miserable. You catch me looking so I smile at you. I stand there waiting, I look over and catch you checking me out again.

I smile at you again and you smile back. I watch you take a sip of your drink. You look bored and lonely so I walk around a group of men sitting at the bar and come towards you.

You watch me walk over. I ask you if the seat next to you is taken. You tell me to sit.

I sit down next to you. You seem nervous. You ask me how I am. We talk for a while then you put your hand in the air, calling the barman over to order me a drink. You ask me what I want to drink. 'A glass of prosecco please' I reply.

You buy me a drink. The barman brings it over.

I start checking you out. You're tall, with dark hair and very handsome. You're wearing dark blue jeans and a black T-shirt. Your arm muscles are bulging out of your shirt, turning me on. I try to focus on what you're saying and take small sips of my drink when you talk.

You've nearly finished your drink. You seem a little drunk at this point, I see you put your arm around me and I feel you put your hand on my shoulder. You smile at me and I smile back. You're so sexy when you smile. You slowly take your arm off me and place it on my lap. I feel you squeeze your hand around my thigh. You look into my eyes and I bite my lip.

I start to feel more turned on. I feel you move your hand up my thigh. I look around the bar and no one is watching. You stare into my eyes and slowly move your hand up higher and higher up my dress until you reach my pussy. You're pleased to discover that I'm not wearing any panties. You look down then back up staring into my eyes again holding my gaze. You start rubbing my clit in a circular motion with the tip of your finger. I'm clutching onto my drink in one hand and place my other hand over yours and make you rub me harder. I show you how I like it. You surprise me by sliding a finger inside me. I gasp. I quickly look around to see if anyone is watching. You don't seem to care, which turns me on even more. You slide your finger in and out of my wet pussy over and over again and start fingering me harder. I feel myself about to come.

I put my glass on the counter. You spread my legs wider and put another finger inside me and you finger me so hard that I start moaning. I put one hand over my mouth so the men next to me can't hear me. You finger me harder and faster and I close my eyes and bite down on my finger and cum hard. I open my eyes and you're staring at me with a big grin on your face. You turn your head and take a sip of your drink and put the glass down. You turn to me and say 'Should we get out of here'. I finish my drink and say 'Sure'.

You stand up and put on your black leather jacket. I put on my coat and we walk towards the exit.

We talk outside while you try to flag down a taxi. A black cab arrives. You open the door and I get in. You get into the taxi and ask if you can come back to mine. I smile and nod and give the driver my address. You sit back and put your arm around me and lean in and kiss me.

You tell me I'm hot and kiss me again. You put your tongue in my mouth. I close my eyes and you kiss me passionately. I feel you open my coat and cup your hand over my breast and squeeze down. You turn me on so much. You kiss me harder whilst gently caressing my breast, rubbing your fingers over my nipple. I reach down and slide my hand over your jeans and feel that your cock is rock hard.

All I can think about is how badly I want your cock in my mouth. I want to give you a blowjob so badly and make you cum. I rub my hand over your cock and it feels so big pressed against your jeans.

To be continued ...

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