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The Woods

It's a hot summers day. We meet at a beer garden and have a drink. He sits next to me, looks into my eyes and smirks. I know what he's thinking. I take a sip of my wine and feel him caressing my thigh with his hand. I giggle and squirm. Can people see us?

The bar staff look preoccupied and they can't see under the table.

He grins at me again and starts sliding his hand even further up my thigh under my dress.

I look around frantically and look down and watch as he slides his fingers over my panties. I lean back and he starts rubbing me slowly. I start to get wet.

He tells me he can't wait any longer and wants to fuck me. He tells me to get finish my drink and he tells me to follow him. He walks towards the front door so I follow behind him. He grabs my hand and drags me to the park. 'Where are we going?' I ask. He laughs and says 'You'll see.'

I follow him through the park, through the grass till we reach some trees. He pulls me in and starts kissing me. 'I can't' I say. 'What if someone see's us?' He says, 'I don't care, there's no one around.' I can hear people talking from a distance and someone mowing the grass nearby.

He tells me to get down on the ground. I hesitate. The ground is covered in leaves and dirt. He takes off his shirt and puts it down and tells me to lie on it. I sit on it and lie down. He gets down on his knees in front of me and spreads my legs open. He licks the inside of my thigh up until he reaches my panties. I lean back and moan. He quickly pulls off my panties over my feet and starts licking my pussy, putting his whole tongue in me. I squirm and reach both my hands out and dig my nails into the leaves and twigs around me.

He grabs both my legs and lifts me up and slides his tongue on my pussy and my clit. I start moaning and my whole body clenches up. He starts undoing his belt and pulls down his trousers. He gets his big cock out and puts it inside me. He starts fucking me and I wrap my legs around him and he starts fucking me harder and harder into the ground.

I can feel the twigs snapping under me. It hurts but his cock feels so good inside me that I don't want to stop. He grabs hold of my tits and squeezes them. He kisses me and swirls his tongue in my mouth. I let out a huge moan. He starts panting and fucking me harder and faster. I squeeze my legs around him tighter and feel him go deeper inside me.

I can hear people approaching the trees we are hiding under. He moans in my ear and tells me he's going to cum. His cock feels so good inside me that I don't want him to stop. I rub my fingers over my clit when he fucks me and feel like I'm about to cum. He fucks me harder whilst looking into my eyes. Our foreheads touching and his sweat dripping onto me. I kiss him again and he fucks me harder into the ground. I rub my clit faster with every thrust and I tilt my head back and close my eyes and cum hard.

My pussy clenches around his cock and he pants and moans. He cums inside me.

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