Please only email me for bookings, I do not answer phone calls.

I do not negotiate rates.


Please pay me as soon as you arrive. If we meet in public please leave my gift in an unsealed envelope, gift bag or book. 

Please do not make me feel uncomfortable by having to ask you.

I accept cash only. 

Screening is for my safety.

For all new clients I do require screening and a deposit. Any information you provide is between us.

I am very discreet and value my privacy, and I respect yours.

I only use Protonmail for secure, encrypted emails. I also use a password manager for extra security. 

Impeccable hygiene is a must. Please be freshly showered and shaved.

I have no tolerance for time wasters or any rude behaviour.

Please be respectful at all times and conduct yourself as a gentleman. 


Please understand that screening is for my safety. It is required for all new clients. It is a way to ensure you are who you say you are. I will delete your information after we have met.

If you do not want to send your screening information then please do not contact me and meet someone else. 

For all bookings I do require a deposit. Please send a gift card to my email address. For all information please click here. 

Please kindly note that our date will not be secured until a deposit is received. 

I am very selective of who I meet. I only work part time so please book in advance. 

Same day appointments are rarely possible. Please fill out the contact form or email me your screening information I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. (Please understand that it can take some time to get references from other companions.)

If you are running late or need to cancel our date please let me know. A simple email is fine. 

If you cancel our date in less than 24 hours then you will need to pay a 50% cancellation fee. Failure to do so will result in no future dates with me.


If you have paid a deposit then you will have two weeks to reschedule another date with me.

I am available for incalls in Marylebone, in central London. 

For outcalls please understand that you must accommodate all Hotel expenses for our time together. 

All travel expenses must be paid for. Please pay for my taxi for outcalls.

Please do not be insulted when you are asked to shower when you arrive at my incall. You may have had a shower this morning or even before you left your house but that is now some time ago so if you want to make me feel comfortable so that we can enjoy our time together then take a shower at the start of the meeting and emerge from the bathroom clean, dry, hygienic and fresh. This will make me feel at ease and will lead to a more enjoyable and satisfying time.

For dates longer than 2 hours: the date must include an outing of some sort.

All meals, accommodation and travel expenses paid for by you.

During our date: if you're enjoying our time together and want to extend please let me know. An additional hour is £200.

I do not do party bookings. For overnight bookings I need at least 7 hours undisrupted sleep. 

I am very discreet. Please let me know if you'd prefer me to contact you via email or phone.

My boundaries must be respected at all times. If I feel disrespected or my well-being is endangered at any time I will cancel our date. No refunds.


Please be polite at all times and respect my boundaries. If I am made to feel uncomfortable at any time during our date I will terminate it. 

If you show up intoxicated I will ask you to leave. 

Discretion works both ways. Please try to remember this and behave like a gentleman even after our date.

Please note: My listed rates/ dates are for my time and companionship only and anything that occurs within the date is between two consenting adults and is not being contracted or compensated for.

If you really want your date to be unforgettable then a small gift such as a bottle of wine or flowers is an excellent start.

It's definitely the easiest way to set yourself apart as the gentleman I adore and spoil in return.